Our support comprises the practical "know-how" for doing business in China, as well as the valuable "why" for understanding your Chinese business partner. By building the so- called "cultural bridge", Chinese Connection Company enhances mutual communication, solves cultural misunderstanding and helps your organization to be successful in China!

  • Chinese business orientation 
  • Sino-Dutch consultancy 
  • Partner scanning & selection
  • Negotiations & meetings
  • Market scan 
  • Business travel support
  • Language support
  • Management service
  • Cultural knowhow
  • Training and lectures 



中国纽带公司如何帮助您的公司、中—荷咨询  、业务伙伴搜索及选择 、谈判与会晤  、市场调研 、商业行程支持、语言支持、管理服务、文化咨询 、培训及讲座。